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Your Zero-Waste Journey - Tip#6 – Buy and eat local

Buy local and seasonal food. The food will have a smaller carbon footprint, if you buy from independent and local businesses rather than supermarkets. It would usually come in less plastic as well. This change can be challenging, as we have become disconnected from what grows when and where.

You can get a seasonal product calendar to help you >

That is the power we have as customers, changing our consumption patterns will lead bigger companies to change. If supermarkets see a drop in their sales of packaged items, they will find alternatives to meet the new demand.

Shopping local also means supporting your local economy, having high streets and market places that stay alive, where you can walk to rather than take you car, creating jobs, providing services closer to the population…

Some might argue that shops on the high street are more expensive than supermarkets (🤔) but could we think about buying less to buy better? 🤗





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