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Welcome to The Office Elf!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Oh and I almost forgot! The Office Elf was not-so-officially born last month! You might wonder what is The Office Elf?

Well, world, network, social media friends, real life 3D friends, let me introduce The Office Elf!

I’ve always had a vision of being able to help entrepreneurs and their business to grow by helping them with what I can do best: • Getting the admin tasks organised and out of the way, • Spending time keying in accounts information for the accountants to be really happy when they come to do your books, • Editing websites, posting on social media, emailing leads…

So after 15 years of employment in various jobs and industries, I took the leap and created The Office Elf.

I am what the industry calls a “virtual assistant”, I’ll be the little elf in the background that makes the shoemaker (aka my customers) happy, able to focus on what they are the best at: growing their business.

Here you go, now you know! More info on my website:

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