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Your Zero-Waste Journey - Tip#7 – Food

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Every household is different - your budget, the time you have to cook,... - but there might be some changes you can still make >>

🎯 Buy local and seasonal : see previous post

🎯 Reducing meat and animal products is the main thing to do to change your environmental impact. Start with a meat-free day in the week.

🎯 Cook from scratch as much as possible. Cooking from scratch, being creative with leftovers will help you reduce your waste and should not impact your budget.

If you’re running out of time, why not trying batch-cooking on a Sunday afternoon? If you have kids, you can ask them to help you! Here are a few ideas :

Are you batch-cooking to save time during the week? Any tips you want to share?

🎯 Buy in bulk and bring your own container to the shops. After keeping an eye on your bin, you might have noticed some waste you can avoid, especially food packaging. Buy in shop where you can bring your own containers. We’re really lucky to have a zero-waste shop in Northallerton (@earthunwrapped). Buy family size rather than individual portions (for yogurts for example, the container can then be reused for storage of crafting activities), bring your own containers for meat and cheese. And if you can‘t think of an alternative for some items that comes with packaging, try to aim for cardboard, aluminium or glass rather than plastic. These materials are using less energy to be recycled and reused.

🎯 Start a compost bin - you can get one from the council for £5. Look at our previous post Tip#3 - Think 5R’s: put a compost bin or worm farm in your home, it’s even possible indoor (

If you don’t have a compost bin, you can also find people who will take your waste in your area with this app: ShareWaste >






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