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New Year's Resolutions, yes or no?

Here it comes, New Year’s resolution time!

I know it’s really cliché but there is something about the start of the year that makes it easier to change your habits, isn’t it?

Although I really feel that most people will try to change too much, too hard, too fast and will end up failing after a few days, weeks or months.

I personally try to stick with 3 resolutions every year:

  • 1 for me

  • 1 for a relationship that matters to me

  • 1 for work

I write them down on a piece of paper and keep looking at them during the year to see if I'm still on track. I always keep the resolutions from one year to another. I find it really interesting to see how your focus changes over the years, how the areas of improvement in your personal and professional shift from one year to another.

What about you?

New Year’s resolution? Yes? No?

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