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Your Zero-Waste journey - Tip#4 – Bathroom

The bathroom is an easy room to start with when trying to reduce your waste.

A few changes will have a massive impact really quickly on your bin.

Be careful, going on a zero waste journey doesn't mean to throw away what you have to replace it with a sustainable version. The idea is to reduce waste, not create more.

Try to make the best of what you already have and once your products are gone, switch to reusable / plastic free items.

We’ve listed a few items below to give you some ideas.

Please share with us what you could change in your bathroom:

  • Soap bars and solid shampoos / Solid deodorants / Solid toothpaste - my favourite one so far is the charcoal one from Georganics. I recently tried the dentals tablets which were surprisingly pleasant to use.

Switching to these products will have a massive impact on your bin, and there is a lot of options to buy them locally. If you are in near Northallerton I recommend: Earth Unwrapped

  • Skin care: my beauty routine is really basic so feel free to share your tips! I’ve recently switched to carrot’s oil as a moisturizer. It’s local, comes in glass jar and you could eventually do it at home. There is a lot of beauty tricks with products you can find in your kitchen: coffee grounds cleansing mask, honey shampoo, apple cider vinegar conditioner…

  • You could also switch from single use items to reusable ones (avoiding plastic as much as possible):

- Man/Woman safety razor

- Reusable Make-up wipes

- Reusable Qtip

- Wooden hairbrush or comb

- Recycled toothbrush…

What could you change in your bathroom?

Share your tips with us!





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