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What is your carbon footprint?

As an individual, we have our part to play to fight climate change, the first step, for me, is acknowledging what our impact on the planet is.

To take action, you have to realise that you can play your part in helping to create a better (liveable) world for future generations.

The easiest way to start is to know your carbon footprint. And it’s not difficult!

Next time you have 5 spare minutes, go to WWF footprint calculator, and see what your carbon footprint is.

Some might say that the calculator is too simple, but it makes it accessible.

Once you have your results, you can also get tips to reduce your carbon footprint.

What’s not to like?

So, what’s your carbon count?! 😉

And if you’re interested in knowing more about the carbon footprint of things, I recommend the book “How bad are bananas?”





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