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Rediscovering purpose: a reflection on why we started

Why did you start your business or why are you in your current job? As time goes by, we often lose sight of why we started our business or chose our current job.

Whether it was a dream to make a difference, a desire for challenges, or the pursuit of stability, our journey began with purpose. As time passes, we might forget the spark that ignited our passion.

So, let's pause, look back, and rediscover that flame. Remember why you started, rekindle the enthusiasm, and embrace the journey ahead with renewed purpose. Stay focused, and success will follow.

I’ll start: I became a VA because I couldn’t find any company I wanted to work for where I live. Focusing on sustainability is really what gets me out of bed in the morning, and I’m also an organisation freak and a spreadsheet geek!

What about you?

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