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My “Unique Selling Point” – Part 2: Well-being at work

As promised in a post dated back from January (God, time flies!) - My “Unique Selling Point” – Part 1: Carbon Literacy Project, let’s talk about Well-being at work.

I have left many companies in the past 10 years, mainly because I was only working on short-term contracts to allow me to travel the world and gain as many experiences as possible.

And then, one day I left another job to set up my own business.

The last “joke” of the director to me was: “When you fail, you can come back.”

If I had any doubts about the fact that this company was not where I would flourish, they disappeared here and then.

The funny thing is that I had in the back of my mind that part of the services I wanted to offer, when self-employed, was “well-being at work”.

I want to help business, manager, and employee to make the most of their skills, to do what they are good at and to be supported when they need it.

I deeply believe that a happy employee will give you more than what you expect.

My wellbeing journey started with the practice of yoga for personal benefit.

I have then completed my Yoga Teacher Training to get a better understanding of this practice and its benefits, and how they could apply to the work environment, and I am now officially certified.

I also took various training in Corporate Social Responsibility, health and wellbeing to help managers and supervisors to design and implement an effective wellbeing strategy.

Working in several countries made me aware of the different ways to look after your staff. It opened my eyes, especially while working in Canada, on how important it is for your business to look after your employees.

Allowing your staff to work at the best of their abilities will also help your business to develop its full potential. Reducing the turnover, increasing productivity, promoting your company in and out of the office, here is how well being at work can help your business to grow.

Feel that we could be a good professional match?





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