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My Eureka moment: Scarcity VS Abundance Mentality

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

The Office Elf
My Eureka moment: Scarcity VS Abundance Mentality

When it comes to taking the leap of leaving a full-time job to start your own business, most people will probably experience a lot of self-doubt. You gather your strength, your skills, you talk to people about your project, you get advice and you start your benchmark. And here it comes: many companies offer the same service as yours! Obviously, there are still some geniuses out there coming up with original ideas or products, but when it comes to the Virtual Assistant industry, there is already plenty of them!

As I was doing my research and trying to find my “unique selling point”, I was a bit disheartened. Ok, I had had really good reviews in the past when it came to helping companies setting up processes, my love for Excel makes me an extremely efficient data processor, I love bookkeeping and basically any other admin/accounts tasks that everybody else seems to be find daunting, but is there a place for a new VA in this world?

And there it was, on a Tuesday afternoon, I catch up with Helen. I wanted to get her input on my project. I was still employed at the time, and I really valued her opinion as I really love the company she’s running with her husband (have a look, it’s called Make it Wild). We talked about The Office Elf a lot and then she talked to me about a notion I had never heard before: Abundance Mentality Versus Scarcity Mentality. It comes from a book called “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey. It basically explains how some people will always think that “there is plenty out there for everybody”, and some who will think that “there is only one piece of pie”. And that was it, that was my eureka moment where I knew I would go through with this project and I will find customers that need my set of skills.

And you? What was your Eureka moment when you started your entrepreneurial journey?

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