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Let’s talk Project management software!

As a VA, you have to adapt constantly to the tools your clients are using. I find this part of the job one of the most interesting as you’re always learning: new software, platform or app.

Today I’ll focus on (no sponsored link here, just a tool I really like and that I’ve been using for quite some times now through one of my customer). appears to me as an complete solution for most of the support I’m offering as it covers project management, CRM (to a certain extent), to-do list and especially team communication.

When working remotely, it can be quite hard to keep your team updated whilst trying not to flood your team mates’ inbox with hundreds of emails! And let’s be honest, as a VA, 50% of my job is being this person poking you on the shoulder saying “👉 have you done this?”. For that reason, I find really useful as it sets deadlines, reminders and provides an easy way to ask for updates on outstanding actions. I don’t think I’m grasping the full potential of that platform but so far it’s been really useful and easy to use for project management, database, and replacing any to do list! Also it’s colourful and any time you complete an action, you get a little firework! What about you? What do you use for your project management/CRM/to do list?












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