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Let’s talk marketing (again)!

I don’t know about you, and I already talked about it in a previous post, but marketing my business is not a thing I like to do. Finding ideas, what to talk about, how to market my business takes me a lot of time and energy.

In October, I went to the Yorkshire Brand conference, and one of the speaker – Sophie Metcalfe founder of Your Marketing Doctor - was talking about marketing. I thought I’ll go and see, and I was so pleased I did. Sophie quickly and simply explained how to create your mission statement.

Think Storytelling!

Not sure what it means? It’s quite simple really:

The hero (your target audience/customer) has a problem. They meet a guide (you) who has a plan to solve it. That is it!

Now try to replace each part with your specific service/product.

I tried the exercise with the Office Elf and I was quite happy with the result:

Entrepreneurs spend a valuable chunk of their day doing time-consuming administrative and bookkeeping tasks rather than focusing on developing their business. The Office Elf will help you to take back control over your workload by performing those tasks for you (emails, diary management, customer service, systems management, bookkeeping, invoicing, credit control…).

Sounds familiar? Let’s chat if you are interested in getting your time back to focus on what you do best: reaching out to new leads, developing new products and enjoying your entrepreneurial journey!

What do you think?

What is YOUR story?





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