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Have you ever heard of the Pratfall Effect?

So, the Pratfall Effect “states that people who are considered highly competent are found to be more likeable when they perform an everyday blunder than those who don’t. The effect was first studied by social psychologist Elliot Aronson in 1966. (…) Because these superior people were viewed by others as “superhuman,” a small mistake would allow others to better humanize them, and thus, like them more.” (

I think the first time I came across that notion was on social media.

A post had a spelling mistake in it and someone commented about the Pratfall Effect.

After that, I saw spelling mistakes in post in a different way. Are they done on purpose or just a simple error?

On a more serious note, I would really like to have your thoughts on this?

Are you more likely to appreciate someone who makes mistakes?

I have really mixed feelings on this one as I don’t really like making errors, but I recently had the experience with a customer who commented in a meeting after I had missed a bit of information (aka made a mistake) “Thank God, you’re human”!

And it felt quite good to hear that, yes I’m human, yes I make mistakes.

It relieved a bit of the pressure I’ve been putting on myself.

So, what do we think?

Pratfall Effect?

Yes or no?





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