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Books or Headway app: Convenient shortcut to knowledge or a missed opportunity for book lovers?

I must admit: reading feels like a guilty pleasure to me because what I really enjoy reading is… Chick Lit, here I’ve said it!

I’m trying to read all these books that are on “must read” lists but they usually end up crowding my bookshelves. BUT I might have found a sort of solution to get info from all these books everybody is talking about: Headway Daily Book Summaries.

The app offers an efficient approach to learning by condensing the wisdom of nonfiction bestsellers into bite-sized summaries. You can explore a wide range of topics, stay up-to-date with the latest ideas, and gain essential knowledge to crush your goals.

Of course, you’re missing out on the depth and nuance that comes from reading an entire book. The summaries provide an overview, but they don’t capture all the intricacies and examples present in the original book.

So what do we think about this app over here?

Using it? Against it?

Interested to hear your thoughts!






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