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Awesome app alert!

I have been struggling with one thing since I started the Office Elf: what to do with my notes? How to keep them organised? How to make sure that I am not missing any actions? How to easily dig out any info?

When switching from one customer to another, I was struggling to find a way to keep my notes organised. I tried loose sheets of paper filled in different binders, a notebook per customer, a notebook with different bookmarks, nothing was working!

And then I discovered Scribzee!

Have you heard of it?

The app is free but it only works with partnered stationary brands (they do have to make some money somewhere hey!).

The idea is that you write your notes as usual, and you scan them onto the app.

You then get to organise them in folders, share them with your colleagues, put alerts on…

But one of the things I find really useful is that, after 24h, your notes are scanned, and you can actually look for specific words within them, even with awful handwriting!

How clever is that? 😎

What about you? How do you keep your notes organised?





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