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A long way from home...

I’ve questioned whether to share this article - Working in my native language requires empathy - as it doesn’t really reflect a lot of self-confidence but as I said in previous posts, getting to know your supplier or your customer is really important for The Office Elf - Virtual Assistant, and this article really hit home.

Years of thinking how clever I was in the past, how much more I could give in a work setting if it was in my first language… I can now say after a few years of working in English speaking countries (Australia, Canada, UK - thanks for all the different accents!): I’m confident again in my skills and what I have to offer.

OK, I will always get some names wrong, spelling J and G (which sounds opposite in French) is still a nightmare, my social media posts might not be perfect but I came to terms with all of it.

It’s now part of my quirks I suppose!

I’m so grateful for my current customers for never making me feel less because of the way I speak and for seeing past the strange accent!

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Mar 18, 2022

It’s not strange! It’s lovely!!!


Mar 18, 2022

I just LOVE ❤️🧡💛 your accent Dorothee… it was the first thing I noticed about you and I found the mix of lilting French and by ‘eck Yorkshire hugely compelling- I’m sure I could listen to you all day! from the Yam Yam from Future We Want!

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